Monday, February 1, 2010

What I Ate: Bechemel

Since food tends to be my favorite subject, I though I would start a new series of posts called What I Ate' (inspired by my friend Melissa's posts on her blog called 'What I Wore'.)

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So, tonight I ventured into my newly obtained copy of 'Mastering' (thanks to my sister) for the first time. I poached filets of fish in white wine and topped them with a delicious bechemel sauce. I served it with a healthy combination of brown rice and spinach salad. Of course I consumed the rest of the tasty white wine I used in the cooking with it to drink. This was not one of my absolute all time favorites, but it is a classic recipe that I am glad to have conquered.

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  1. Hell yes! Definitely do this. I finally figured out how to put your blog in my reader and totally want to see your food posts!