Thursday, February 25, 2010

What I Ate: Belly Shack

After going to the dentist today for the first time in (eek) years (!), Ed and I decided that if we did not have any cavities, we would treat ourselves to the hip new neighborhood eatery in Chicago called Belly Shack. So guess what mom - No Cavities! The decor is skater chic. The music is dj-riffic. The food is delish.

The cuisine is an unusual combination of Latin and Asian. I indulged in seasoned fries served with curried mayo, hot and sour soup (make with chicken, cilantro, and hominy - a steal at $4.00), and finished with the tilapia 'sammich' (my favorite).

It is conveniently located under the blue line stop at Western Ave - which makes this a perfect quick bite after a long day of work. The center of the space features a single over sized communal table of rich dark wood surrounded by industrial backless stools. You order at the counter, and they quickly bring the food out to your table. Lots of layers of flavor is the name of the game here.

Check out their sister spot Urban Belly on north California Ave for satisfying bowls of noodles!

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