Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Color Collage: Coral

Today I put together some inspirational images in tones of dark coral. This versatile color is classic and dramatic. It is full of fun without being trendy or cheesy. It is not too young, not to old. Vibrant, stunning, and flashy (in a good way)!

For clothing, you could wear a simple black dress or white blouse with jeans - add a bold coral sunglass, bracelet, or scarf - and you are transformed. It works beautifully in a home as well. You can see the dining room where the walls are drenched in this bold hue, but it also looks great on an accent pillow. There are a few varieties of flowers that naturally grow up to embody this tone which would all make a gorgeous addition to any event (think peonies, godetia, roses, and poppies)!

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