Monday, March 23, 2009


One of my absolute favorite flowers in the world are ranunculus. They are delightful bulb flowers that are made up of tons of layers of tissue paper thin petals. They come in colors ranging from soft white and peach to vibrant hues including deep plum purple. Though not the most cost effective flower, they are great to detail an intricate arrangement/bouquet.

I currently have a little tussy mussy on my coffee table made up exclusively of bright citrus orange ones including some of their adorable closed buds! Doesn't that center arrangement look more like a painting from the Renaissance than an actual photograph? I love that picture so much I can't even express it.

These are typically easiest to get as a spring flower in the beginning of the year - though they are becoming more readily available throughout the year to enjoy!

Think Pink

I have been really into touches pink lately for some reason. It is femine and timeless when used correctly. I don't think I am very good at pulling it off in my wardrobe, but I do have plans to paint the wall behind my desk pink (can't wait!). I am working on putting together some good inspiration images, but for now - here is a photo I found on flickr that I just love.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Real Wedding: Victoria and J.P.

This is another gorgeous wedding designed by the creative Jesse Deckard of Botanicals, a branch of HM Designs and the wonderful Renny Pedersen of Bliss Weddings and Events, who carefully planned all the elegant details of this cold winter day!

The design for this wedding was glamorous in so many ways. Each table featured a flared silver riser vase bursting with kinetic curly willow branch. The branches were then detailed with individual blossoms plucked from fragrant stems of white garden stock. I love how the light seemingly dances from table to table as it hits the fluffy blooms throughout the room. Flickering candlelight completed the look adding warmth and ambiance to each table.

The reception took place at one of my absolute favorite places - the historic Chicago Cultural Center. The glistening mosaics covering the walls and ceilings of this space are jaw-droppingly beautiful, and to sit and have dinner under the gigantic Tiffany dome is magical. The building was dedicated in 1897 and was the first home to the Chicago Public Library. Now days, not only can you rent the space out for a wedding or event, it is also used for public speaking occurrences, art showings, and various other exhibits. This is at the top of my list for tourists in Chicago to visit (looking out those window you get one of the best views of Millennium Park).

These beautiful shots were taken by Artisan Events here in Chicago.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Below is a montage of some images from Chinatown in San Francisco. It is such a bustling and culture filled part of this beautiful city.  The unusual produce, the wide array of tea blends (I brought some of the adorable rose bud tea home), and the many enticing shops of unique merchandise are all part of what brings out tourists and locals alike.

I completely fell in love with the Bay Area, and can't wait to go back. I have to say, my muscles that are used to this flat midwest topography had a bit of trouble walking the steep inclines of San Francisco! Through all my struggles, I had so much fun exploring the vastly different neighborhoods of the city that seemed to change from block to block - not to mention the lovely moderate weather and the delicious food!

Home Sweet Home

Well, as much as I didn't really want to come home from this vacation, I sure love the big city of Chicago. I am still trying to sort the photos from my California vacation, but in the meantime I wanted to get back to posting. I have an amazing view of the Chicago skyline from my bedroom window - much like the one below - and I had a calm sigh of relief when I saw that vision again late last night.

Separately, I have recently fallen in love with these shoes by Steve Madden, and I believe I need go buy them tomorrow. The leather is SO soft, and I think nice camel-toned leather flats are just what I need to transition into the summer months (plus - how great will these be in the fall as well!).

Monday, March 9, 2009

California Bound

I am headed to California bright and early tomorrow morning for a much needed vacation! I. cannot. wait. We are renting a car to drive Highway One from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Here are some things I am looking forward to seeing along the way!:

Sunday, March 8, 2009

City of Love

These photographic prints are created by Irene Suchocki out of Montreal.  I love them so so so much.  

She describes her work best:  'I like to explore the ethereal, the surreal, the whimsical, the mysterious, and the beautiful.  I enjoy creating little poems for the eyes'.  What she says is so true.  I have come across these images a few times now, and every time, I stop and get lost in them.  

I definitely need to order this first on the unique pearlescent metallic paper that she prints it on.  I think it will make a wonderful addition to my studio wall!

Check out her photoblog 'Eye Poetry' where you can see much more of her beautiful work.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

Although there is a terrible thunder storm in Chicago today, I am still dreaming of the approaching summer. Spring is by far my favorite season, especially in a city like this. Our winters here are so miserable and seemingly never-ending that spring is such a weight off your shoulders. I (along with everyone else) have been practically hibernating for the last five months, and to finally have that crisp fresh scent in there air is uplifting and encouraging!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Spring Forward

YIPEE!!! It feels like spring outside, and it makes me want to put on my flip flops and walk around outside and go to farmers' markets...I can't wait!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Color Collage: Gold

People might say it is out of style, but I am still loving rich shimmering gold. To me - gold jewelry, decor, and dress are glamorous and timeless. As I was pulling images I found that gold took on a decadent richness when paired with black.  In contrast - put against white, it can take on a more clean and delicate appearance. Swoon.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Black and Tan

I love both of these pictures so so much. The first is a room designed by famous and talented Nate Berkus. I am continually impressed by his impeccable taste and creative ideas.

The second is from a designer that I recently came across. Her name is Katie Leede , and this is a photo of her in her own home taken for C Magazine.  This room is so glamorous!  The winding staircase, the floor to ceiling photos, and of course the fresh palm fronds - It all just comes together so well!

Both of these rooms perfectly incorporate rich black details (from the rug to the leopard print stool in the first - and the wrought iron scrolled railing as well as frames on the wall in the second) combined with glistening gold touches (the mirror and adorable coffee table from Nate and the chandelier from Katie).  Ahhh...A girl can dream, can't she.