Monday, March 23, 2009


One of my absolute favorite flowers in the world are ranunculus. They are delightful bulb flowers that are made up of tons of layers of tissue paper thin petals. They come in colors ranging from soft white and peach to vibrant hues including deep plum purple. Though not the most cost effective flower, they are great to detail an intricate arrangement/bouquet.

I currently have a little tussy mussy on my coffee table made up exclusively of bright citrus orange ones including some of their adorable closed buds! Doesn't that center arrangement look more like a painting from the Renaissance than an actual photograph? I love that picture so much I can't even express it.

These are typically easiest to get as a spring flower in the beginning of the year - though they are becoming more readily available throughout the year to enjoy!

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  1. Ranunculus are some of my favorites also and how ironic to stumble upon your blog when researching them to find that this post was made on my birthday! Love ♥