Sunday, April 5, 2009


When I stumbled upon the below images of adorable and plump red currents and gooseberries they immediately brought me back to my first time in Paris (oh....Paris!). The majority of the hotels there offer complimentary continental breakfast. Now this is not the typical American continental breakfast of packets of dry oatmeal, stale pastries, frozen bagels, and juice from concentrate. In France, they are serious about food - I mean I am not typically a morning person, and I would get giddy with excitement upon waking up there because I know that I soon get to eat the flaky croissants, the fresh baked bread, the tasty unpasteurized yogurt, and a steaming-hot strong cup of cafe au lait to wash it all down.

My favorite of all though - was the red current jam that they seemed to have so readily available.  I know now as an adult that we too can get this the slightly-sweet, slightly-tart fruit spread in our grocery stores in the U.S., but at that time I was used to (gag) sugary grape jelly.  I think this experience was one of the first that really made me appreciate quality food.  A Votre Sante.

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