Wednesday, April 1, 2009

All Aboard!

On my recent trip to California, I took the Amtrak train from Los Angeles to San Diego. It was so much fun and a lovely way to experience care-free travel. There is no baggage check or security lines like with flying - and no maps and long hours like with driving. So I got some hot tea from the snack car and settled in with a book and the good view for a few hours.

Before ever getting on the train though, I of course got to experience Los Angeles's Union Station (one of my favorite sights of LA). It was built in 1939 and combines a handful of types of architecture. It is a truly beautiful building, complete with outdoor courtyards and all. I especially love the old wood ticket counters, the warm mustard yellow paint color, the mosaic fountains, the oversized leather club chairs in the waiting room, the terra cotta flooring, and all the unusual archways. If you are ever touring this city - it is worth a walk through - and bring your camera!


  1. nice pic of union station in my home town! Greetings in Chicago love your page and your home town!