Sunday, February 15, 2009


I found this image by Noah Kalina and I thought it was such a beautiful interior. It is of a restaurant called Bobo in New York.  I love the soft grey walls with the pops of crimson in the curtains and patterned seat cushions.  The ornate gold mirrored is such a nice contrast against the white painted brick, and I am crazy about the touches of black wood throughout the space (the floors, crown moulding, chairs, and bookcase).  It is such a cozy space for being a public area created by the intimate floor plan and traditional elements (from the chandeliers to the mass of picture frames on the wall).

After doing a bit of research on the restaurant, I found they do many amazing things. The organization associated with Bobo is called Coco, and it offers programs helping out locally, nationally, as well as globally. They donate 100% off the $1 per glass of water that they charge to a charity that brings fresh drinking water to Ethiopia, they support local farms, they offer free ESL classes, they donate to various charities, and so so so much more.  Just reading through their website, I am impressed and inspired.  What a great model to look at for doing business.  So cool...

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